The Overlay Guys was created in 2012 to supply the waste-to-energy industry with high quality, cost effective, and long life erosion/corrosion coatings in pressure parts. Since it’s inception, The Overlay Guys has evolved into a first class maintenance and repair contractor.

The Overlay Guy’s ability to be on the job with three tractor trailers and 25 welding machines separates them from the field. Offering 24 hour maintenance operations, TOG can tackle anything from small maintenance projects to high stress plant outages. With 15 years of experience in power generation, pulp & paper mills, petrochemical plants, and steel mills, The Overlay Guys can help you solve almost any problem.

The President of The Overlay Guys, Brad Hooper, has built a business in his image. Hooper began working in power plants as a Boilermaker. Through his high quality work, acquired industry and equipment expertise, and demonstrated leadership skills, his responsibility ultimately grew to the point that he was in charge of over 200 employees that were responsible for servicing 15 plants during annual outages and downtime repairs.

While in this role, Hooper identified a significant weakness in the welding machines that they were using daily and saw an immense opportunity to not only improve productivity, but also weld quality. Working directly with Miller Electric Mfg. Co., Hooper helped develop what would become the ultimate standard in overlay welding machines. You can read the published article in greater depth here.

Hooper decided to create The Overlay Guys to service a much wider array of industries. He has since created a business that delivers what he has always expected of contractors but has never received; The Overlay Guys complete the job beyond expectation, within the timeline necessary, and at a value that others cannot touch.